Monday, June 27, 2011

Lego Photography

I've been following the "a LEGO a day" blog for a while now and if you like LEGO, you should check it out. Since before Janice got her new awesome camera, I've been wanting to try to take similar pictures with my personal collection of LEGO minifigs. So, before we moved I tried with her old camera. The outside pictures with the skier came out great, but the indoor ones that I tried didn't come out so well.

A few months later, I bought Janice her camera for her birthday. After that, we moved and a couple of weeks ago I tried again. Most of the shots I took with the new camera didn't come out. Apparently, having glasses is a big disadvantage when trying to manually focus the camera. Below are the fruits of my efforts from both tries.

Caption: The King leads his men across an old bridge.
Notes: This is the minifigs on the rail of our deck. I tried to focus on the king and have the knights be out of focus.

Caption: Halia is ready for the luau.
Notes: The minifig is standing on sand that we brought back from our trip to Hawaii.

Caption: Rick out for a midnight ski.
Notes: Taken with the old camera at our Hastings house. I think that the skier pics turned out great. There are three more below!

Caption: Rick pauses to admire the view.

Caption: The powder is awesome!

Caption: Rick doesn't seem to notice the cliff coming up!

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