Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cane Sugar Mt. Dew - Keep or Throwback?

I've recently purchased a 12-pack of the "Throwback" Mountain Dew. I had heard of a bottling company in North Carolina that was the only one in the country that produced cane sugar Mountain Dew and I had always been curious about trying it and this gave me a chance.

I'll be honest, my first impression was, meh. It's a little smoother, but didn't taste as good. I've had a couple more and I now find it to be not that different from the Mountain Dew that I know and love.

After having a few of them, I find the "Throwback" Mt. Dew not so throwbackable and if Pepsi decided to throwback the current incarnation of the drink and keep the cane sugar version I wouldn't shed a tear.

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